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In the unfortunate event that you have experienced a terrible fire or flood, one of the items that are most treasured may be the item that is most destroyed. Photo restoration Restoration Perhaps some of the irreplaceable contents include documents such as contracts, deeds of sale, or even photos of precious memories. Chenal Restoration has years of paper recovery experience and can help you save those super-sensitive and sentimental documents.

Types of Document Recovery Treatments

When important documents are unwillingly introduced to water, the document restoration specialists use a variety of tools and processes available to them. For example: to successfully restore a beloved book or document, our specialists may opt to use vacuum-freeze dryers, thermal vacuum-freeze dryers, molecular sieves or even desiccant drying. Often, after the drying process has been completed, there are no further steps needed to ensure that your book or document is perfectly preserved.

Document Restoration

If, in the event that you and your documents have experienced a terrible fire, or your documents have suffered damage due to smoke, then the Chenal document restoration specialist's cleaning process would include particulate removal sponges and ionized air washing. Deodorizing is another common professional restoration technique. The deodorizing method is considered a safe, if lengthy, process. Ozone gas chambers are used to remove stains and to carefully deodorize documents that have been damaged due to smoke. The process is delicate and can take a bit of time – normally 24 to 48 hours.

If, however, the documents are saved but are infected with mold and mildew, the document restoration process includes sterilizing the documents using electron beam or gamma radiation. Single papers or an entire library could be saved from further decay and contamination, and other villainous things.

Types of Documents and Vital Records Ripe for Restoration

We understand that, sometimes, only the original document will do. Maybe you need to get a passport renewed, or you simply need those baby photos for the family photo album. Thanks to the advances in technology, it’s now possible to restore almost any type of document, including the following:

  • Books, Files, Magazines, Manuscripts
  • Archives, Special Collections, Library Materials
  • Audio Tapes, Video Tapes
  • Blueprints, Drawings, Maps, Plans
  • Compact Discs, Diskettes, Laser Discs, Magnetic Media
  • Data Files, Vital Records
  • Film, Negatives, Photographs, Slides
  • Microfiche, Microfilm
  • Parchment
  • Vellum
  • Whiteprints
  • X-rays

Safe and Secure

Our document technicians are well-versed in the knowledge of information recovery and are up to date with the most advanced techniques available. In the right circumstances and when cost permits, freezing your precious documents could drastically lower the time as well as cost of restoration. With this, mold remediation, page separation and other procedures are no longer needed.

Chenal Restoration, while offering this specialist service, ensures that documents of personal—and national—importance are given a chance to be restored to their pristine state, after surviving villainous acts such as fires or floods. If you would like to take advantage of this service and are in the surrounding areas of Little Rock, then don’t delay! Call 501-215-8252 or contact us on this page and be on your way to restoring and preserving memories.